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NFL and Startup Fundraising

NFL is a highly competitive game in which player’s physical prowess combined with coach’s strategic acumen in selecting plays are necessary to win competitive games. In the game, offensive team is given four plays to advance ten yards. If they advance then they get a new set of four plays. Otherwise they turn over the ball to opponents also known as
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Interacting with Multiple Vendors

As the technology industry spreads its wings the demand for skilled engineers is at it’s peak. Companies cannot fill vacancies in time to meet deadlines and scamper to locate service vendors. Complexity of projects has increased dramatically and sometimes one vendor does not have all the skill sets required to execute on a project. This creates a difficult situation for
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Managing in a Global Work Environment

In the modern era of technology there are no boundaries based on geography. The advancement of connectivity has created a working environment which disregards barriers formed by continents. For a technology firm to be successful it has to serve the worldwide customer base and employ high quality staff anywhere in the world. Due to these factors the working environment has
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